RabiteMan's Game Music

Due to the overwhelming requests I recieved to scan my sheet music, I have decided to offer it here. There are also some new MIDI files and materials from last year's hoax.

Sheet Music

All of these images were created by me. The original songs are copyright their respective owners, but these scans may not be altered or copied without my permission.

Some of the engravings have some unsavory features like unstemmed series of 16th-notes, but they are still readable and accurate to the game. Comments are welcome. Please let me know how you like the arrangements: rabiteman@arkasizer.com. Note: Please do not mail me asking if I have any more sheet music. I have everything posted here. Thank you.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Dance of Gold (Alchemy Lab)Page: [1] [2] [2]
Requiem For the Gods (Royal Chapel)Page: [1] [2]
Super Castlevania IV
Vampire KillerPage: [1] [2]
Level 1 BGMPage: [1]
Metal Gear Solid
Main ThemePage: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Fillmore (Level 1)Page: [1] [2]
Birth of the People (Town)Page: [1] [2]
Lonely TownPage: [1]
Kraid's HideoutPage: [1]
Secret of Mana
Fear of the Heavens Duet (Main Title)Page: [1] [2] [3] [4]
I Won't Forget (Exile from Potos)Page: [1]
Color of the Summer Sky (Town)Page: [1] [2]
Chrono Trigger
Morning Sunlight (Crono Awakens)Page: [1]
Peaceful DaysPage: [1] [2]
Final Fantasy IV
Red WingsPage: [1]
Kingdom BaronPage: [1]
Main Theme (Overworld)Page: [1] [2]
PreludePage: [1] [2]
Final Fantasy VI
Opening ThemePage: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
Lock (Locke's Theme)Page: [1] [2]
Edgar and Mash (Edgar and Sabin)Page: [1] [2]
Decisive Battle (Boss)Page: [1] [2]

Want more video game sheet music? Try www.gamemusic.com. If you are looking for more Squaresoft tunes, including music from FF7 and FF8, they should have it.

I am now on Mp3.com! Visit my page there to download some original compositions: www.mp3.com/arkasizer.

MIDI Files

These are all original MIDI creations. I sequenced some of them to help me figure out songs for transcribing for piano. Others I made just for fun. Hope you enjoy them.

Full Arrangement

Piano Arrangement

The Hoax

Back in August of 1999, Kazenoyume and I created a track from an imaginary game soundtrack. We called it "Dracula X - Piano Concert Live," and it was supposed to be a recording from a little-known Konami concert held in Shibuya. Of course, no such concert was ever held, but we were able to fool a great deal of people in the game music community.

Here is the mp3 we circulated to kick things off. We arbitrarily called this track 3, and it features an arrangement of Dance of Gold and a segue into Dance of Pales at the end.

The mp3 was played through Kaze's Korg Trinity, which has an amazing piano sound and some great acoustic effects. The audio was recorded into Samplitude Studio 4.0 and multitracked to include some simulated "live" effects (coughing, page turning, applause). For the full effect, I highly recommend downloading the mp3 first. Obviously, we did not release the MIDI file until we confessed to the hoax--it was our proof that we created it.

For an added bonus, Plaguefox made me this mock CD cover scan.

I altered a scan of the sheet music to Dance of Gold so it looked like a pack-in with the album.

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