List of Secrets for Final Fantasy 3

By RabiteMan

Version 2.0h
Converted to HTML from file completed Mar-3-96

I did not think I would make another version of this file, because I haven't had the time for it. But, I have seen an overwhelming demand for an update -- so here it is. Thank you all for helping me make this such a huge and resourceful FAQ.

I do not plan to take any more suggestions for this FAQ, but if there is a mistake in it, please let me know.
I know there is a huge demand for more secrets (thanks for writing, everyone!), but I just don't have the time to personally authorize any more secrets for this game.

Warning! This text contains "spoilers" for the game! Don't read it unless you have already gone through the whole game.

Note: This is not a complete guide to Final Fantasy III. You won't find a walkthrough, a complete monsters list, or anything like that here. This is just an enormous collection of secrets that I hope will help you enjoy the game. If you are looking for more info on FF3, I suggest the FF3 FAQ by King Kung.

If you want to find other neat Square stuff, check out the UnOfficial SquareSoft Home Page: The URL is:

-- RabiteMan



List composed by RabiteMan.

Thanks to:
Siegfrid for help with v1.1
Naesvik and Crusader9 for help with v1.2
Atma3, DWozn50459, and Matthew Beardall for help with v1.3
KyleFF, HornetHack, SpiceMastr, DShivan and Atma3 for help with v1.4
Dwozn50459, WYVERN999, KyleFF, Zoygn, and RIN1027 for help with v1.5
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